Diagram of the particles



takes shape of container

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-bounce off

takes shape of container

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- bounce off
- fastest

-Sublimation- solid to gas or gas to solid
-Condensation- gas to liquid- heat loss
-Freezing- liquid to solid- heatloss
-Melting- solid to liquid
-Evaporating- liquid to gas- heatgain
-Cohesion- the force of attraction between like molecules
-Adhesion- the force of attraction between molocules of different substances
-Five Examples of cohesion- water to water, glycerol to glycerol, alcohol to alcohol, cooking oil to cooking oil, and soapy water to soapy water
-Five Examples of adhesion-water to soapy water, water to wax paper, glycerol to water, alcohol to water, cooking oil to water
-How do you find the volume of a liquid? A cube? An irregular solid?- water displacement, and v= lxwxh
-Solve: If each side of a cube is 8cm, what is the volume?- v= lxwxh
-Solve: If the length of a cube is 7cm, the width is 3cm, and the height is 2cm, what is the volume?-v=lxwxh
-Mass-is the amountin an object-mass does not change

-Volume-the amount of space an object takes up
-Density- the amount of mass in a given space
-Water displacement- an object pushes aside amount of waterin a container by taking up the water onceheld
-Weight and Mass difference- weight= the amount of gravety mass= the amount of matter
-What tool do you use to find the mass of an object?-triple beam balence
-Drop- single bead of water
-Heap- more than 1 bead of water
-Know why soapy water has less cohesion than water- the soap breaks the cohesive force
-Surface Tension- the skin of a liquid
-Viscosity-resistance to flow
-Profile of an object-an outline of an object