Dmitri Ivanioch Mendeleev- February8,1834-1907
Dmitri was a Russian chemist and one of 2 inventors of the periodic table of elements. He was the creator of the first periodic table. Using the table he predicted the properties of elements yet to be discovered. He became a teacher and wrote a two-volumetextbook called Principles of Chemistry. As he attemped to classify the elements he noticed patterms that led him to the periodic table. external image periodic_table.gifexternal image mendelev_vodka.jpgThis is our Periodic Table and Elements unit!!!

Mendeleev- created the first periodic table using atomic mass and characteristics to sort the elements
Periodic table- table that uses atomic number to organize the elements
Nuclues- The center core of an atom
Proton a positivily charged particle
Neutron a neutral charged particl
Electron a negetivly charged particle
Atomic Number- how many protons an element has
Atomic Mass- average mass of an element
Symbol- 1 or 2 letters that represent an element
Periods- horizontal rows
Families/groups- vertical columns
Valence electrons- outer orbit electrons
Orbits holds atoms around the nucleus
Know how many electrons are in the first three orbits- 2, 8,8
Metals hard, shiny, malueble, good conducter
Alloys a mixture of 2 or more metals
Nonmetals an element that lacks the charecteristics of metal
Metalloids an element that has some charecteristics of metal

Telll how many valence electrons are in each family and what group number each family is in.

Alkali Metals- one valence electron and is located in group 1
Alkaline earth metals- two valence electrons and located in group 2
Transition elements elements in groups 3-12
Lanthanides and Actinides- bottom elements
Carbon Family group 14 has carbon
Nitrogen Gamily group 15 has nitrogen
Oxygen Family group 16 has oxygen
Halogen Family group 17
Noble Gases group 18 the "king" elements