1. Having the photo in black and white makes the mood more serious. The photo goes from fun to serious by having he color away and having everything the same. Since there is sameness, everything looks the same. For instance, in our picture Mikayla is happy, but since the color has changed, it looks more serious. Pascal, he has a bright blue color, since we added black and white he turned to more of a dull chameleon. Some of the photos have colors in them. This makes the photos look more of a happy and a serious photo. 2. If we did not have colors we could not make our own choices. Somebody else would have to pick the “left” one for you instead of the “red” one. If everybody had to suddenly see black and white, we could maybe not choose the right choice. We would have someone else, and that would save us from having to go out on the wrong path. Life would not be the same if we saw in black and white. 3. I chose to enhance the photos to make the mood different. It could be serious and happy at the same time. It showed what color Jonas could see in the book. Most of them were red, but I made some blue. The photos look better and less boring with the colors. Now you look at the photos and they are interesting instead of boring.