Matter-anything that has mass and takes up space
Chemistry-the study of the properties of matter and how matter changes
Element-a substance that cannot be broken down into oher substances
Compound-a substance made of 2 or more elements
Solution-a well mixed mixture
Mixture-2 or more substances that are mixed together
Physical Change-a change that alters the form ot appearence
Chemical Change- a change in matter that produces a new substance
Symbol-a one or two letter set of charecters that is used to identify an element
Chemical Formula-a combination of symbols that represent the elements in a compound
Chemical Equation-a short easy way to show a chemical reaction
Subscript-a distinguishing character or symbol written directly beneath or next to and slightly below a letter or number.
Coeffecient-a number in front of a chemical formula
Reactants-a substance that enters into a chemical reaction
Products-a substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction
Exothermic Reactions-a reaction that releases energy in the form of heat
Endothermic Reactions-a reaction that absorbs energy in the form of heat
Chemical Bond-the force that holds atoms together
Activation Energy-the minumum amount of energy needed to get a chemical reaction started


What are the three types of chemical reactions

What are four ways to change the rate of a chemical reaction
1 increase the rate by lowering the activation metal 2 increase the concentration of the reactants 3 more particles exposed=faster reaction
4 increase the temperature increase rate of speed
What are the three sides to the fire triangle?
1 Fuel 2 oxygen 3 Heatexternal image fire-triangle1.png?w=220&h=192
Using Paint, draw exothermic and endothermic reactions and label each one (use a text box to label).

external image endoea.gifexternal image endo.gif

Exothermic Reaction