Photosynthesis- The process by which a cell captures energy in sunlight and uses it to make food
Equation for photosynthesis- 6Oxygen + 6Water = Sunlight = Water6 +6 Water
Pigment- Chemical that captures light
Chlorophyll- a green pigment food in chloroplasts
Stomata- Small openings on the bottom of the leaves
Autotroph- Needs to find its own food
Heterotroph- Makes its own food
Respiration- The process by which cells breaak down glucose and turn it into energy
Equation for respiration- Glucose + Oxygen = Sunlight = Carbon Dioxide + Water
Fermentation- energy process that does not require energy - creates less energy than resperation
Two examples of fermentation- Alcohol Fermentation - Lactic Acid Fermentation
The six steps of cell division- Interphase; cell matures chromosomes copy themselves- Mitosis Nuclear; membrane disappears
Cancer- a disease where cells grow and divide uncontrollably
Mutation- a change in the DNA
Tumor- a mass of cancer cells
Three ways to treat cancer- surgery, radiation, and drugs [chemotherapy]
Two ways to prevent cancer- don't smoke, and eat healthy